Twitteristic - A chrome extension that flags fake and toxic comments in your twitter feed along with providing an analysis on your session.

   Emotion Detection from Tom and Jerry - Developed an application that recognises the facial expressions from Tom and Jerry videos. The application takes video as input and splits it into multiple frames. For each frame the faces are detected, the facial expressions are classified into 4 categories, namely Happy, Angry, Sad and Surprised. A YOLO algorithm was used for the Object Detection module and a VGG-19 Convolutional Neural Network was used for the Emotion Detection module.

   Equation Solver - A React based web-application to solve handwritten mathematical equations using OCR and Convolutional Neural Networks

   Sudoku Solver - Solving Sudoku by extracting the puzzle from photo using Computer Vision and OCR and solving it using Backtracking

   Cricket Blog and IPL Data Analysis - Built a blog and polling app for cricket enthusiasts using Django. Also implemented data analysis programs in Python to analyse IPL data.

   Machine Learning programs from Scratch - Implemented Simple and Multivariate Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Recommender Systems and a Neural Network from scratch in Python.

   Emergency Vehicle Detection - Developed a Convolutional Neural Network model using FastAI to classify if the given vehicle is an emergency vehicle or not with an accuracy of 0.9653 using the technique of Progressive Resizing.

   Improvised shell for XV6 - Included functionalities of cp,mv,head,tail,clear,cd,pwd into XV6 with and 2 editors Capable of writing and executing basic shell scripts

More projects can be found on my github profile.